Why Choose Us?


Thus, New Waves is the evolutionary edge of education that combines the best of both 'Online and Experiential Offline' learning. It is thus designed to honor at once both the spontaneity and rigor as much as unique individuality and universality of every learner

Why New Waves Education? Future Framework

New Waves Synthesizes every approach hitherto found effective & relevant to design a Symphonic Matrix of learning & life: to redefine success and repurpose education to enable children to grow to become conscious citizens of a conscious planet living in peace & prosperity

New Waves creates a balanced fusion of worldly knowledge (APARA Vidya) & an awareness of the world within (PARA Vidya) - the light/fire that needs to be nurtured.

3. All World philosophies, like India’s Vasudeva Kutumbhakam; Bali’s Tri Hitha Karana; Africa’s Ubuntu, to name a few, form the bedrock of the primary purpose of human life.

A symbiotic blend of established approaches to human development like Bloom’s Taxonomy & Maslow’s Hierarchy forms the framework of personal development.

Established theories of learning: like Behavioral, Cognitive, Constructive, and MI are all woven together to form the tapestry of aptitude-skill-knowledge-(ASK) acquisition that our children need for success.

Globally popular & preferred approaches to ECCE (Early Childhood Care & Education) like Montessori, Kindergarten, Waldorf & Remio all have gone through an eclectic yet symbiotic synthesis in creating the learning flow of Finland’s SISU ONE (Grades K to 2).

Similarly for School OnE - The popular Japanese IKIGAI framework forms the foundation to weave the content & learning experiences that meet the IKIGAI of every learner through the Whole-Child 7Alphabet program.