Our Approach


New Waves partners with world’s best, proven education boards & institutions; and makes truly amazing learning not only accessible but affordable too:

SISU OnE & School One, together, are more than a traditional school or an online school: they are hybrid ecosystems of learning.

Combining the digital access and latest tools like AI, VR, AR (online) with the experiential learning at the physical space (studios in the Center – offline), with intensely personalized support scaffolding to all stakeholders, New Waves ensures unique, inimitable personalization in its online-offline balance, and a global curriculum that encourages comprehensive 360* development of all learners.

The advanced technological tools make interaction between the learner & the content; between the learner & his team mates; between different groups & students of different nations truly deep, wide & global, unimaginable in a purely traditional classroom experience. Similarly, the personal and social relationships that learners will enjoy in the experiential Center cannot happen in ‘online-only’ learning. The Hybrid Education truly delivers the best of both worlds, making learning richer than ever.