Finland’s SISU SCHOOLS for K-2

Our quest for more meaningful and fulfilling learning in schools led us on a quest of surveying and assessing various globally best & proven programs. Most of these programs have some key commonalities among them, like putting the child at the center, experiential learning, real-life relevance rather than rote learning, etc. 

We’ve chosen to partner with CCE FINLAND because we could identify ourselves with both the CCE Team and the Finland Curriculum, to realize all our expectations of an ideal education ecosystem designed for a great future of all learners and of humanity:

SISU OnE & School One, together, are more than a traditional school or an online school: they are hybrid ecosystems of learning.

Combining the digital access and latest tools like AI, VR, AR (online) with the experiential learning at the physical space (studios in the Center – offline), with intensely personalized support scaffolding to all stakeholders, New Waves ensures unique, inimitable personalization in its online-offline balance, and a global curriculum that encourages comprehensive 360* development of all learners.